9 December 2020

Why hasn’t Axne condemned Hart’s power grab?

So much for Cindy Axne’s promise to “return our Democracy back to the people” and her endless crowing about “voter suppression” on Twitter.

Nearly every major Iowa elected official, the Quad Cities Times editorial board, the Omaha World-Herald editorial board and more has condemned Rita Hart’s shameless attempt to circumvent Iowa’s courts and allow her liberal allies in Congress to decide the outcome of her election. And yet… Cindy Axne has yet to make even a peep about it.

It’s time Cindy Axne stood up for Iowa voters and made clear that Iowans – not Nancy Pelosi – deserve to say who their next Congresswoman is.

“Cindy Axne’s decision to sit silent as liberals attempt to take an election out of the hands of Iowans and put it into those of Nancy Pelosi is shameful,” said AAN Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Rita Hart is intentionally circumventing Iowans and their trusted judicial processes to instead allow her liberal allies in Washington, DC to decide who the winner is. Iowans – not Nancy Pelosi and her lieutenants – deserve the right to determine who their next Congresswoman should be, and it is high time for Cindy Axne to say so.”