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24 March 2023
The left is coming for your gas stoves
The left’s war on energy is closing in on its latest target: gas stoves. POLITICO reports New York state lawmakers are close to enacting the nation’s first legislative ban on gas/fossil fuel appliances. And they won’t stop at one state: “Supporters see the potential law as a national model that they hope can spur similar action by other […]
9 March 2023
The left’s war on energy heats up
President Biden and the left have waged war on American energy with disastrous policies from canceling the Keystone Pipeline to even seeking bans of gas stoves. And now, Biden’s new budget proposes a $31 billion tax on American energy that would make gas prices and energy bills EVEN higher. This comes as AAA warns gas […]
Health Care
7 March 2023
Biden cuts MUCH more than a penny from Medicare
This morning, President Biden penned an op-ed claiming he will preserve Medicare “without cutting a penny in benefits.” That’s simply not true. Biden and House liberals are actively planning a 29% cut to Medicare Advantage benefits that will cost 30 million seniors up to $540 a year. Not to mention, Biden and the left already […]
Health Care
3 March 2023
AAN Launches over $2 Million Campaign To Stop Biden’s Medicare Advantage Cuts
WASHINGTON – American Action Network launched a new issue advocacy campaign this morning urging Members of Congress to stop Joe Biden’s proposed cuts to Medicare Advantage benefits that would impact 30 million seniors. The new campaign includes over $2 million of broadcast, cable, and digital advertising across 14 Congressional Districts and additional cable advertising in the Washington, […]
7 November 2022
Note From Norm: The American Future At The Ballot Box
And so the great American Experiment begins again as tomorrow millions of Americans will begin to cast their votes for the candidate, the government, and the future of their choice.  They will join millions of other Americans who have already cast their ballots to express their hopes, dreams, frustrations, anger, dissatisfaction, satisfaction, and most of […]
16 September 2022
Note from Norm: Making Americans the enemy of America
Elections are about ideas, policies and, obviously, about politics.  The United States has a healthy foundation for being a nation in which our future is determined at a local, state, and national level through a robust debate and dialogue around the ideas that We, the People, determine are the ones most important to decide at […]
9 September 2022
Note from Norm: All We Are In The World Is Americans
Nearly 81 years ago the United States was viciously attacked at Pearl Harbor in an assault that would be forever enshrined in our national consciousness as a “…date that will live in infamy.” Twenty-one years ago the United States found itself, almost sixty years after Pearl Harbor, facing another “…date that will live in infamy.” […]
1 September 2022
Note from Norm: Want more of the same or time for a change
In between the gnashing of teeth on issues that matter little to Americans who live outside the D.C. Beltway, or aren’t glued to cable television, talk radio or the internet, there are issues that matter deeply to most Americans. Issues like the price of gasoline, the cost of a gallon of milk, the quality of […]
11 August 2022
Cuellar’s a YES on destroying oil and gas jobs
At the beginning of the week, Henry Cuellar said it was a “priority” to ensure Biden’s tax & spending plan “would not raise energy prices or hinder American energy jobs at such a critical time.” But apparently that was all just political theater, as Cuellar just announced he will be voting yes on the toxic […]