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11 August 2022
Cuellar’s a YES on destroying oil and gas jobs
At the beginning of the week, Henry Cuellar said it was a “priority” to ensure Biden’s tax & spending plan “would not raise energy prices or hinder American energy jobs at such a critical time.” But apparently that was all just political theater, as Cuellar just announced he will be voting yes on the toxic […]
9 August 2022
POLL: New BBB toxic back home
POLITICO has new polling from AAN in three House Districts across the country showing Biden’s new “reconciliation” package is toxic back home, and Members of Congress who vote yes on the proposal will be stuck defending massively unpopular policies. Raising taxes in the middle of a recession, tax breaks for wealthy elites to purchase luxury […]
8 August 2022
Gottheimer & Sherill Surrender on SALT
Josh Gottheimer and Mikie Sherrill insisted on “no SALT, no deal” saying, “we will not accept any changes to the tax codethat do not restore the SALT deduction.” But Biden and Schumer just passed massive changes to the tax code… that do not restore the SALT deduction. Yet – Gottheimer and Sherrill announced they are […]
8 August 2022
TX Liberals: “there are still some concerning provisions”
Biden’s latest tax and spending plan still wages war on American energy producers, and now House liberals are sounding the alarm: Congressman Vicente Gonzalez admitted over the weekend that “there are still some concerning provisions” in the bill and refused to take a position. Then, Congressman Cuellar seemed to agree saying, “My priority is ensuring […]
5 August 2022
WTAS: Biden spending bill hurts American families
Biden and Schumer are patting themselves on the back as they get ready to pass massive tax and spending hikes, but families at home aren’t so excited. Their bill would be devastating for American workers, and headlines this week tell the tale: “won’t reduce inflation at all” Bloomberg: The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the […]
4 August 2022
Note from Norm: Democrats plan for higher prices, higher taxes and fewer jobs all the time
Democrat United States Senator Joe Manchin has done much to rein in the atrocious policies of the Biden Administration, and to prevent the ruinous excess of his colleagues in the United States Senate. I’ve applauded his efforts in previous posts to block the egregious policy initiatives advanced by the likes of Bernie Sanders and the […]
Taxes & Regulations
3 August 2022
IRS middle-class shakedown
Biden and his friends in Congress want to give $80 billion to the IRS for “enhanced enforcement” in their new “Build Back Better” scheme, but no matter what they want you to think – it’s not for going after billionaires. According to the Joint Committee on Taxation, “78% to 90% of the money raised from […]
1 August 2022
The More We Learn, The Worse It Gets
Manchin and Schumer’s latest tax and spending package has only been out for a few days, and we’re quickly learning the devastating impact it would have on American families, including: Middle class tax hikes. Half the tax increases would be paid by families making less than $200,000 a yearand raises taxes on folks making as […]
28 July 2022
Will Susie Lee reverse herself?
Last week Susie Lee told POLITICO, “I don’t think tax increases would be popular,” in a new spending package. But last night, Democrats announced a plan to spend a half trillion and hike taxes by over $300 billion. So… will Susie Lee go back on her word and vote for more of the runaway spending […]