11 December 2020

VIDEO: Hart admits on camera she is trying to overthrow Iowans’ vote

Rita Hart just admitted it on camera: she’s taking her election challenge to Pelosi instead of to the Iowa court system because it’s the only way she can overturn the voters of Iowa’s Second District.

In a damning new video circulating online, Rita Hart explains point blank that she’s challenging the election in the House instead of in Iowa courts because “there was only one way that we could get the result that we need, and that is to take this to the Committee on House Administration.” 

Talk about a devastating admission…

“At least Rita Hart is finally coming clean with the truth: there is ‘only one way’ she can win and that’s if Nancy Pelosi overrides voters to give her the seat,” said AAN Communications Director Calvin Moore. “This is a shameful power grab at its worst and lawmakers ought to reject her ploy outright.”