19 November 2021

They knew better

House liberals have been sounding the alarm for weeks that 1) inflation is real 2) that government spending is to blame and 3) that their massive tax and spending plan would make the pain families are feeling even worse.

And yet… they went ahead and voted for it anyway.

  • Elaine Luria: “I’m worried about inflation. I noticed that myself.”
  • Abigail Spanberger: “Inflation is real. It’s a problem”
  • Dan Kildee: “I think the inflationary pressure is more coming from the recent work we did,” and BBB would “add on to it.”
  • Kurt Schrader: “Taxpayers don’t want us adding to the deficit. We already spent $5 trillion, for God’s sakes. Time to rein in that rampant spending, while making sure it doesn’t add to the inflationary index.”
  • Kim Schrier: We “knew there was a possibility that this could lead to inflation”
  • Elissa Slotkin: Inflation is a “crisis” and it’s my constituents’ “most pressing concern”
  • Katie Porter“Inflation is a very real concern, I feel it myself as a mom shopping here in Orange County.”

So with economists predicting Biden’s tax and spending hikes will add to inflation, and poll after poll showing it’s the top issue for Americans, why did they all vote for Biden’s plan if they knew it would make it even worse?

“The left knew inflation is hurting Americans. They knew their massive tax and spending hikes would make it worse. And yet, they went ahead and voted for it anyway,” said AAN Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Members who voted for this plan made clear they’ll do anything for Pelosi and her far-left political agenda, no matter the cost to working families.”