14 July 2022

Malinowski wants to hike taxes on Americans

Per POLITICO this morning, Tom Malinowski *can’t wait* to raise taxes, even though the economy is teetering on a recession and families are facing record prices already.

Tom Malinowski told Politico, “To say [tax hikes] are popular would be a gross understatement” 


Earlier this week, more than 190 small business organizations sent a letter sounding the alarm that the new tax bill will “not only hurt the businesses, but also the families and communities that rely on them.”

Guess Malinowski doesn’t care about them.

“Families and small businesses are fighting to stay on their feet, but Tom Malinowski is so out of touch with working Americans he wants to force more crushing tax hikes on them,” said AAN Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “New tax hikes are the last thing we need when Americans are already struggling to afford life as it is.”