22 August 2017

AAN’s Middle-Class Growth Initiative Airs Radio Ads on Tax Reform in 34 Congressional Districts

Part of $1 million English and Spanish radio ad campaign

WASHINGTON – Today, American Action Network’s Middle-Class Growth Initiative (MCGI) announced a radio ad campaign that will encompass 34 congressional districts nationwide. Six of the 34 districts will have a Spanish version airing simultaneously. Over the next two weeks, radio ads will blanket districts across the country highlighting the failures of our current tax code and call on members of Congress to pass reforms that cut taxes and eliminate loopholes to help bring back America’s middle class. View the list of targeted districts here

“When it comes to tax reform, middle-class tax cuts and eliminating special interest loopholes should be Congress’ number one priority. American job creators also need a tax code that levels the playing field so they can compete and keep jobs from fleeing to countries like China,” said Corry Bliss AAN Executive Director. “We will continue to urge Congress to put American families and job creators first, members who fail to do so will be held accountable. It’s past time for members of Congress to put politics aside and work together to deliver results that move our country forward.”

The Middle-Class Growth Initiative, a special project of the American Action Network, is dedicated to the passage of a tax code that is simpler, fairer and pro-growth. MCGI began its full-scale campaign in early August with a $5 million investment to ensure Congress passes pro-growth tax policies that will benefit middle-class families and job creators. The Initiative includes an aggressive and targeted advertising effort across numerous platforms including television, digital, radio and direct mail. Join and follow the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag, #GrowthForAll.

Listen to the radio ad in English here and Spanish here.


ANNCR: Remember when being middle class… meant being more secure?

These days, America’s working families feel under attack.

Our outdated tax code has made the American Dream harder to reach.

It’s too expensive. It’s too complicated. And it’s unfair.

Working families pay our share,

But struggle to get ahead.

And every year, thousands of good jobs go to countries like China,

Because our small businesses can’t compete like they used to.

America deserves better.

[Member of Congress] is fighting to cut taxes for working families and

Make our tax code simpler and fairer,

Encouraging job creation here – with higher paychecks,

And closing tax loopholes so everyone pays their fair share.

Middle-Class tax cuts mean more control as we plan, save for college and retirement – and they mean peace of mind.

Together, we can take back the American Dream.

Thank [Member of Congress] for fighting to cut taxes for working families.

Paid for by American Action Network.

Courtney Parella

Communications Director