Taxes & Regulations12 August 2022

AAN on Passage of Biden’s Massive Middle Class Tax Hike and Wasteful Spending Package

WASHINGTON — American Action Network President Dan Conston released the following statement after the House of Representatives passed Joe Biden’s latest tax and spending package:

“Life is getting less affordable by the day and yet Biden, Pelosi and their friends in Congress just passed new tax hikes on Americans at every income level and hired 87,000 IRS agents to shakedown middle-class families with endless audits,” said AAN President Dan Conston. “This is a devastating moment for Americans struggling to make ends meet and is a vote that will cast a long shadow over Members who lined up to support it.”

According to AAN polling released this week, the “reconciliation” tax and spending package is extremely toxic back home. The poll found that over 50% of respondents are less likely to vote for Members of Congress who supported the bill. The tax credits for electric vehicles were the most toxic of the proposals, hitting as high as 61% less likely to vote for a Member who favored it. More on AAN’s polling here.

American Action Network launched a $10 million issue advocacy campaign this summer to educate the public on Biden’s plan and to urge Members to reject more harmful spending and tax hikes. (Read more on our efforts herehere, and here). Additionally, last year, AAN spent over $20 million to stop “Build Back Better. (Read more hereherehereherehere and here.)

Courtney Parella

Communications Director