Jobs & Economy20 October 2021

AAN Releases $4.5 Million Ad Campaign To Stop Pelosi’s Tax and Spending Hikes

New Ads Will Cross 16 Districts on TV and Digital & Brings AAN’s Spending to $20 Million

WASHINGTON — American Action Network is turning up the heat again on Nancy Pelosi’s tax and spending hikes, launching $4.5 million in new TV and digital advertising this morning to stop the left’s reckless “reconciliation” package. AAN’s latest effort includes new TV and digital ads in 16 Congressional districts and a 46-district wide phone call campaign.

The new ad campaign expands on AAN’s earlier efforts starting in the summer (read more here, here and here) and brings AAN’s total spending on the bill to $20 million.

“This bill has become so incredibly toxic back home because Americans know that they’re getting the raw end of the deal,” said AAN President Dan Conston. “Pelosi and her liberal allies get special handouts, and stick seniors, small business and the working class with the bill. Any Member of Congress would be foolish to even think about supporting it.”

Examples of the ads and new messages are below and a full list of districts included in the campaign is available here.

Cronyism: Pelosi gets handouts. Small business gets the bill.
(Axne, Cartwright, Golden, Gonzalez, Harder, Lee, Murphy, Schrader, Sherrill, Slotkin, Spanberger)

Testimonial: Tax hikes and spending devastating seniors’ budgets.
(Bordeaux, Luria)

Gottheimer: Put up or shut up.
(Gottheimer only)

Courtney Parella

Communications Director