21 October 2021

AAN Launches New Ad To Stop Pelosi from Snooping In Your Bank Account

WASHINGTON— American Action Network launched a new TV ad this morning honing in on Nancy Pelosi’s plan to allow the IRS to snoop in working Americans’ bank accounts in order to pay for her socialist tax and spending increases. The new ad will run in Chris Pappas’ district (NH-01) on broadcast television and digital, exposing Pelosi’s proposal to require nearly every American to have their bank account balances, transactions, and private banking activity reported to the IRS.

“As if crippling tax hikes and skyrocketing inflation weren’t taking enough from working families’ budgets, Pelosi and Pappas want an army of IRS agents to squeeze working Americans for every penny they have left,” said AAN Communications Director Calvin Moore. “If Pelosi’s plan was only about cracking down on tax-dodging billionaires, why would they go after Americans with as little as $600 or $10,000 to their names?”

The new ad comes as part of the $4.5 million ad campaign announced earlier this week, and builds on AAN’s efforts to stop the bill from earlier this summer, which now amounts to more than $20 million (read more herehere and here).

Courtney Parella

Communications Director