1 May 2017

AAN Begins Multi-Million-Dollar Effort with Digital Ad Campaign to Advance Tax Reform

– Kicks Off First of Many Issue Advocacy Campaigns on Tax Reform 

– Effort to Include Series of TV and Digital Advertising Targeting Congressional Districts Nationwide

WASHINGTON – The American Action Network (@AAN) today announced it will begin a multi-million-dollar effort to further advance tax reform in Congress with a $250,000 digital advertising campaign, targeting 28 congressional districts across the country. The aggressive and targeted effort will include a series of digital ads followed by TV advertising in key districts nationwide. The ad kicking off the multipronged effort features American Action Forum President and Economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin explaining the merits of tax reform. View full list of targeted districts here.

Through TV advertising, digital advertising and microsites, AAN will highlight President Trump and conservative lawmakers’ guiding principles on tax reform, as well as the need to revamp the U.S. tax code to ensure it is fair, simple, and built for growth.

“The time for pro-growth tax reform is now,” said Corry Bliss, AAN Executive Director. “American families and job creators want and deserve a fair and simple tax code that will grow our economy, promote savings and investment, and help all Americans prosper. President Trump and Speaker Ryan have laid out a bold plan to do just that. This marks the beginning of AAN’s multi-million-dollar and multipronged effort to ensure we fix our broken tax code once and for all.”

This is just the first issue advocacy campaign of many to come on tax reform as AAN continues to be the leading conservative organization in identifying and communicating the most effective messages for center-right policy.

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HOLTZ-EAKIN: I’m Doug Holtz-Eakin, president of the American Action Forum.

Every day is a reminder that it’s been 31 year since we did tax reform.

The tax code remains too complicated, hurts American economic growth, and makes our firms uncompetitive.

We need tax reform, but when will we know if we have it?

Number one, it will be permanent.

No more tax lobbyist coming in every year and changing the code, let’s put them out of business.

Number two, it will be structural.

We are not just going to trade one set of loopholes, for another set of loopholes.

Or lower a tax rate, only to see another administration jack it up a few years from now.

We need to change the way that we collect taxes.

So that number three, its transformative.

Our tax code was made for the 20th century, we need a 21st century tax code.

That gives incentives to invest in America, innovative in America, and grow in America,

To raise the American standard of living. 

We need tax reform:  permanent, structural, transformative changes in the tax code.


Douglas Holtz-Eakin has a distinguished record as an academic, policy adviser, and strategist. Currently he is the President of the American Action Forum and recently was a Commissioner on the Congressionally-chartered Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. Since 2001, he has served in a variety of important policy positions. During 2001-2002, he was the Chief Economist of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers (CEA). At CEA he helped to formulate policies addressing the 2000-2001 recession and the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. From 2003-2005 he was the 6th Director of the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), which provides budgetary and policy analysis to the U.S. Congress. During 2007 and 2008 he was the Director of Domestic and Economic Policy for the John McCain presidential campaign. Dr. Holtz-Eakin built an international reputation as a scholar doing research in areas of applied economic policy, econometric methods, and entrepreneurship.

Courtney Parella

Communications Director