Immigration4 June 2024

Political Games Won’t Solve Biden’s Border Crisis

President Biden has announced that his administration – which created the worst border crisis in history – is taking half-measure on an executive action supposedly designed to limit asylum seekers at the border.

This maneuver reeks of electoral panic. Just months ago, Biden swore he didn’t have the authority to secure the border, insisting “I’ve done all I can do.”

But what is telling is what is not included in this half-measure. Biden’s executive order leaves out key policies that would actually put a stop to this crisis, policies like Remain in Mexico, which he previously revoked despite most (61%) Americans agreeing with it.

It’s worth remembering that the House Majority already passed this and other tough border security measures in H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act.

AND it’s worth remembering that EVERY liberal in the House voted against it.

“Americans deserve better than half-measure political pandering from President Biden and liberals in Congress,” said AAN Communications Director Courtney Parella. “If the President was serious about stopping the crisis at the southern border, why isnt he reinstating Remain in Mexico?”