Health Care11 July 2016

Notes from Norm: The Right Way to A Better Way

Let’s face it. People know what Republicans are against. Now we’re going to give you a plan that shows you what we are for.
–    Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, 6/3/16

With these words Speaker of the House Paul Ryan made it clear the governing philosophy that will be the underpinning of the GOP argument for retaining control of the House of Representatives.

“A Better Way” is a series of policy proposals that promise to transform and enhance America for current and future generations and is firmly rooted in the founding principles of America.

Policy initiatives to address poverty, tax reform, national security, health care, government regulations and restoring constitutional authority proposed by Ryan and the GOP majority in the House of Representatives offer a clear choice of governing philosophies between liberals and conservatives.

We are at a pivotal point in American history.  The dramatic expansion of executive powers – both derived and devised – undermines the legitimacy and credibility of the federal government.

It has led to a national debt that now exceeds $19 trillion. An economy that has yet to find a firm footing after a near collapse.  And, a job market that has people working longer for less at jobs that provide fewer opportunities for Americans to achieve the American Dream.

According to “In 2014, there were 46.7 million people in poverty. This is up from 37.3 million in 2007. The number of poor people is near the largest number in the 52 years for which poverty statistics have been published.

This despite a federal government that has spent more money on more programs which, in the end, has helped fewer and fewer people.

Despite assurances that ObamaCare would be the end all, be all, for health care reform in America, we now know that it is simply collapsing in on itself.  Insurers are fleeing the system – premiums are increasing – and recent court rulings have undermined the credibility of the financial assumptions used by liberals to justify the creation of ObamaCare.

Record numbers of government regulations, a failure to secure America’s borders, a lack of coherent tax policy and a White House committed to bypassing the constitutional authorities of Congress and the Courts, mean that the GOP “A Better Way” policy agenda is the right way to restore the proper balance in our federal government.

Over the next few weeks I will be pleased to outline the key components of “A Better Way” as the right way to lead America forward.

It’s timely given both major parties will have their national conventions in the next several weeks.

From now through the end of July our senses will be overwhelmed by media coverage leading up to the conventions.  Prognosticators and pundits will weigh in on every conceivable element of the race for President with very little time spent on the substance of the campaign.

For far too many in the press, the shiny political object in the room is the race for the White House.

Who the next occupant of the White House will be is important.

However, it is arguably the control of the U.S. Senate and House that has far more impact on the future of our nation.

Given the nature of the presidential race so far, it is likely that whichever candidate becomes President they enter the Oval Office with the burden of their individual shortcomings weighing them down and limiting their own policy initiatives.

Enter “A Better Way” and the ideas promoted by Speaker Ryan and his GOP Caucus.

In the end, America doesn’t need only to reform government.

We need to reform the notion that government is the solution to our problems or the key to our future prosperity.

We, the People, are the most significant actors in America’s next act.  A fact that Speaker Ryan makes when he proposes the clear choices Americans have in November.

“All of us — not government — should have the biggest role to play in our lives. That’s what this is about. That’s why a clear choice is so important…”
He is right.  We need a better way.

And, “A Better Way” is the way to get America going the right way.