Defense16 November 2015

Notes from Norm: It is World War III and ISIS is the enemy

America is war weary.  Yet, being weary of war is not a policy.  It is not an excuse to allow ISIS to continue to expand the battlefield around the world in its drive to destroy us.

ISIS has made a calculation that our weariness will be what stops us from engaging them in the war of civilizations they have launched with their vicious and inhumane attack on civilians in Paris and elsewhere in the world.

Up until the last breath of the first person to die in Paris they have had every reason to believe they are right.

The lack of global resolve to come together as a united coalition to defeat and destroy ISIS in Syria and elsewhere in the world has brought us to this moment in time.

A civilian plane brought down by ISIS.  Forty three killed by ISIS terrorist attacks in Lebanon.  And now, more than 120 dead in Paris at the hands of ISIS.

ISIS is not contained.  They are on the march.

As sure as Hitler and the Nazis before them, ISIS is moving with blitzkrieg speed in its march towards its goals.

To destroy Western Civilization.  To murder its people.  To establish a global Islamic State in an apocalyptic war not seen before in the history of the world.

But it’s not just our Civilization they wish to erase from the face of the Earth.

Moderate Islam.  China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and a host of other nations are in the gunsights of ISIS.

If one’s ideology, beliefs or civilization will not kneel to the caliphate, ISIS and its ideology of radical Islam seeks to destroy it and all of its people.

ISIS has been telling us for years about their goals, aims and objectives.

We’ve dismissed them as the rantings of a rag-tag group of disaffected mercenaries incapable of doing the kind of damage al Qaeda inflicted upon America on 9/11.

The President called them the “Junior Varsity” and in the hours prior to ISIS attacks on Paris assured the world that the terror organization was “contained.”

His spokesperson, in the hours after Paris, argued that the President meant that ISIS was contained on the battlefield in Iraq and Syria.

Russian and Lebanese dead, and the dead of the nations of the world in Paris, will find little comfort in the small land gains in Iraq and Syria the President claims have been made in the name of “containment.”

Claiming credit for its attacks in Paris ISIS called the innocents whose lives bled out on sidewalks and concert floors “pagans” and “crusaders”.  

Their terror has reached a more sophisticated, brutal and deliberate level.

They have learned the power and influence of the social media world we live in today.  

There is no single theater of battle for ISIS.

They do not need to assemble armies to inflict carnage and destruction.

ISIS knows it cannot defeat the U.S. military – or a global military coalition.

So they will murder civilians in cities and in places that experts call “soft targets.”

Paris involved 8 attackers.  It took roughly three hours to kill more than 120 human beings and injure more than 350 people in restaurants, streets and a concert hall.

It will happen again.  It will happen more often.  It will happen in cities throughout the world.

It is likely to happen in America unless we defend ourselves.

President Francois Hollande deemed the ISIS attacks “an act of war.”

He then said, “We will lead the fight, and we will be ruthless.”

Radical Islam is the ideology that ISIS uses to justify its goals of destroying civilization.

We can be politically correct on the stage of world opinion and refuse to call this evil by what it is – Radical Islam – and we will be defeated.

Hollande knows what our President still fails to grasp: It is World War III and ISIS is the enemy.

We can fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq and destroy them there – or we will fight them in American cities whose names we know – in neighborhoods where we live – in restaurants where we eat – businesses where we work – and schools where our children are sent to learn.

This is the fight of our time.  It is the battle for our lives.  Our beliefs.  For our very civilization.

It is time for our President to announce to the world that “America will lead the fight, and we will be ruthless.”

Assemble the global coalition.  Put American troops on the ground in Syria – and commit ourselves to win the war against ISIS and every other radical Islamic organization that threatens civilization as we know it.

Choosing our words carefully in the hope we will not offend those who are not our enemies while our enemies care little about the words they choose to kill us will not defeat ISIS.

Call ISIS by the evil that it is:  Radical Islam.  Do not shy away from its meaning.  Or its purpose.  

ISIS has embarked upon a Holy War.  It is their crusade against all of civilization.

It’s time for America, Western Civilization, moderate Islam and other nations to defend themselves.

Destroy ISIS.  

Before ISIS destroys all of us.