30 March 2016

Notes from Norm: Coronations Are Tricky Things

Coronations are tricky things.

The landscape of high school homecoming king and queen coronations are littered with broken hearts and dreams of young men and women who found themselves as runner-ups instead of bearing the crown upon their head.

Steve Harvey, who gave new definition to the word “hapless”, found that even a simple coronation could devolve into an international incident, complete with death threats, when he mistakenly placed the crown of Miss Universe on Miss Columbia rather than the actual winner, Miss Philippines.

The political press and the so-called mainstream media have spent an inordinate amount of time assuring Americans that the Republican nomination for President has become a morass of such proportion that the party itself may face annihilation in 2016.

The one-party press in America has for some time confused their personal self-interest and desire with objective analysis and perspective.  In doing so they have, more often than not, created storylines that are at odds with reality.

Case in point was the prospective coronation of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee for President of the United States – the second to last step to Hillary Clinton being coronated to be the actual President of the United States.

Much has gotten in the way of the coronation, however, and with it a narrative that is no longer as easy to explain for those in the media who have made no secret of their interest to either pave the way for a Clinton Presidency and/or block the way for a Republican Presidency.

Bernie Sanders’ political hat trick this past weekend is further evidence that the coronation is not anytime soon in coming for Clinton.

Bernie Sanders has, much like Donald Trump, tapped into dissatisfaction with the political process and parties in America. Whether you agree with their rhetoric, their policies or their personalities it is impossible to ignore the fact that they are doing something we’ve never seen before.

They are shaking up politics in America.

For Democrats this is a dangerous thing.  

It is particularly perilous because the establishment candidate of choice, Hillary Clinton, is in grave danger of learning that she was mistakenly coronated.

Democrats have a conundrum on their hands.  

There’s no way that Bernie Sanders will ever be President of the United States of America.  

But, there’s also a growing chance that Hillary Clinton will never be the President of the United States of America, either.

Despite the best efforts of Democrats to wish away the scandal involving Clintons use of non-secured email systems and classified United States national security secrets the investigation into her activity has continued unabated.

There are those who believe that Clinton will never be held criminally liable for her deliberate lapse of judgement.  

There are others who believe that the President and Clinton allies in high government positions will block the Justice Department and the FBI from actually prosecuting the former Secretary of State.

This, despite the fact that lesser souls in government would have likely felt the full weight of the U.S. government prosecutors had they conducted their activity in the same way as Clinton.

Yet, indicting or presecuting Clinton is not the only potential way to derail her coronation.

The FBI, which is leading the investigation, is also lead by James Comey, a man well known to not be a partisan pushover for Democrats or Republicans.

In fact it was Comey who was the Acting Attorney General in 2004 when John Ashcroft was hospitalized.  

It was Comey who refused to certify the legality of the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance program – ensuring that the White House would not be able to allow the program to continue.

Faced with threats by Comey to resign, President Bush ultimately agreed to make changes to the domestic surveillance program that were ultimately made and Comey withdrew his resignation threat.

Comey may find himself in an equally problematic confrontation with the White House.

If he and the FBI determine that evidence exists to bring charges against Clinton and those who enabled in failing to adequately protect America’s classified secrets, it will be up to the Justice Department to decide whether or not to pursue those charges.

The Justice Department, already one of the most partisan politicized agencies of the Obama Administration, is likely to concede to the will of the White House that desperately wants the Clinton Coronation to succeed to continue the Obama legacy.

But the will of James Comey has already been tested before and he has shown that he is not a willing player to politics when it comes to the laws of the United States of America.

What would happen if Comey determined that sufficient evidence existed that charges should be brought against Clinton, and the White House and the Justice Department ignored the evidence?

Would he, despite recent evidence to the contrary, simply turn a blind eye to the politics of it all and allow Clinton to skate with nothing much more than a sternly worded letter to never let it happen again?

Or, would he, take a stand and confront President Obama with the same principled stand he made with President Bush and threaten to resign if the rule of law was not upheld?

The problem for Democrats is that a Clinton indictment would make her continued candidacy impossible.  

But, so too would be the decision of an FBI Director to resign if he felt that the trail of evidence led to the inescapable conclusion that Clinton should be held to account for her actions but was ignored by the White House and the Justice Department.

With a Clinton campaign destroyed by its own arrogance, Democrats would be left with an avowed Socialist to lead their ticket to disaster in November or Vice President Biden who has remained deliberately silent since he announced he would not wage his own campaign for President.

Either way it’s clear the coronation has been put on hold.

And, the greatest Democratic nightmare is that it will be cancelled all together, requiring an actual election in November.