30 November 2020

NOTE FROM NORM: We The People Are The Deciders

Despite predictions of a “Blue Wave” in November the opposite was, in fact, true as millions of Americans went to the polls and voted for Republican candidates throughout the country.

So much so that Democrats nearly cost control of the House of Representatives and are posed to remain in the minority pending the outcome of two elections for U.S. Senate in Georgia.

The nation’s media, eager to ride the predicted Blue Wave instead found itself wringing its hands over the outcome and wondering what exactly went “wrong” with the American electorate.

Liberal pundits, long convinced that Americans that vote for Republicans must be racist, sexist and xenophobes, applauded the record turnout while at the same time casting aspersion on millions of Americans who voted for anybody but their preferred Democratic candidates.

Republicans failed to see the future, too. Our own pollsters predicted dire losses, urging us to prepare to regroup, lick our wounds and soldier on for the next election cycle.

That virtually nobody got it right says a lot about our nation’s media, political elite but it says even more about the American people.

It tells us that they not only pay attention to the issues that affect their lives but that they are prepared to take ownership in the kind of government they want to lead the nation.

That decision led to an election that was decidedly center-right in its outcome.  An outcome that confirms, again, that Americans are not looking for either party, or ideology, to have complete control of its federal government.

On a state level Republicans retain a decided edge with 27 states being led by Republican Governors compared to 23 Democrats and Republicans holding control of at least 59 legislative bodies across the country.

From one corner of America to the other, up and down the ballot, there was no discernible desire on the part of Americans to embrace a Democratic Agenda that is increasingly more extreme and out of touch with a majority of the American people.

House Democrats were salivating at predictions of a near supermajority in their ranks.  Senate Democrats had Chuck Schumer measuring the curtains in the Senate Majority Leader’s Office.

Not only did it not happen but Americans pushed back against the narrative.  In record numbers Americans turned out and they voted for the conservative ideals and principles that have been guiding this nation for the past four years.

They rejected defunding the police and open borders and higher taxes and the Green New Deal.

They voted against the unchecked power of government and the belief that for every problem in America government must be the answer.

Americans don’t want the America they saw in our inner cities this summer with riots, destruction, mayhem and disorder.

They rejected a huge swath of Democrats who demanded Americans embrace the socialist mindset, policies and ideology of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Liberal media commentators were nearly comatose with dismay when they saw their hoped-for collapse of the Republican Party at the polls fail to materialize.

They were nearly in tears when they saw their dreams of a Democratic Supermajority in the House and a takeover in the Senate reduced to a nightmare.

Democrats now find themselves at one another’s throats over who is to blame for the failure of their dreams to become a reality.

The truth is voters are to blame for their dreams of political hegemony evaporating before their eyes.

Voters, the American people, had other ideas for the future direction of America.

They, the People, decided the outcome of this election because they saw the choices before them and made the decision to do what they thought best for themselves, their family and their community.

It’s a story as old as America:  We, the People, decide what America will be and how it will go forward into the future.

Not the media.  Not the pundits.  Not the polls.

Control of Congress, however, is not yet done.

Two critical races remain to determine who will ultimately control the United States Senate.

Democratic candidates in Georgia are running on the same platform that nearly cost their party control of the House and destroyed their vision of outright control of the United States Senate.

The outcome of these run-off elections won’t be known until January 5th and between now and then the amount of money flowing into the state will be unprecedented.

Who controls the United States Senate matters now, more than ever.

Yet, who makes that decision in Georgia will not be the campaign strategists, it won’t be the local, state or national media and it won’t be money, campaign surrogates or even the candidates themselves.

At the end of the day the people of Georgia will make that decision as did the people of American states across the nation.

We, the People of Georgia, and the 49 other states that determine the future of America with our vote are the deciders.

And, decide we have.  Decide we will.