16 September 2022

Note from Norm: Making Americans the enemy of America

Elections are about ideas, policies and, obviously, about politics.  The United States has a healthy foundation for being a nation in which our future is determined at a local, state, and national level through a robust debate and dialogue around the ideas that We, the People, determine are the ones most important to decide at the polls.

Yet, over the past two years and, arguably, for the past six years, Democrats and the one-party media that enables them, have done their best to promote the idea that any idea or vote counter to their platform or their vision is nothing short of treasonous and anti-democratic.

So much has this infiltrated every fiber of what the Democratic Party and the nation’s so-called mainstream media are today that even the simple act of calling oneself a conservative, a Republican or God Forbid, a MAGA supporter, conjures up a maelstrom of righteous indignation in which loyalty to America is called into question.

Worse, one is considered to be anti-American and anti-democratic simply for failing to toe the party line advanced by Democrats and the one-party media.

Case in point is President Joe Biden’s much liberal-media hyped speech in which he warned that most Republicans – or for that matter, any Republicans – represent a clear and present danger to America’s Democracy.  In Joe Biden’s assessment of the State of Democracy in America any contentious debate or angry rhetoric directed at him, his agenda and those that support him and that agenda is evidence that sinister forces are at work undermining our country.

Worse yet, in Joe Biden’s view, those supporting public policies from the previous administration that grew our economy, reduced taxes, kept the peace, and otherwise restored much of America’s might in the world, are nothing more than “semi-Fascists.”

The President has grown increasingly feebler over the past months from a variety of ailments.  There is, of course, a diminished cognition that is evident to any fair-minded American.  Obviously there is the damage he and his policies have done to America’s economy, as well as to our standing in the world with the feckless withdrawal of American forces and prestige from Afghanistan.  Record inflation increases in prices for basic goods and services, and a looming sense that our adversaries are hovering to strike is the current legacy of Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress.

I’ve written before, and rejected, the notion that America’s Democracy is in danger of collapse.  And, if it is, it certainly isn’t because of the policies espoused by conservatives and Republicans in local, state, and federal units of government.

It’s Democrats in places like New York City where Democrats shoved through a provision that, according to The Atlantic, gives “ More than 800,000 people in New York City gained the right to vote with the enactment of a new law allowing legal noncitizens to participate in municipal elections.”

And, as I have written before, it’s not ultra-liberal places like New York City that are opening up the polls to non-citizens to vote in municipal elections.  According to the same story in The Atlantic “About a dozen towns and small cities—most of them in Maryland and Massachusetts—allow noncitizens to vote in municipal elections. Chicago and San Francisco permit noncitizens to participate in school-board elections.”

Or Democrats who have pushed through policies that undermine confidence in our elections like Ranked Choice Voting which has become nothing more than an electoral handout to liberals and progressives across the country.  An election scheme so devious and pernicious that you can actually lose and election and still get elected to public office if all the other votes that were cast for losing candidates get added to your vote totals.

While Democrats scream, and the one-party media amplifies their noise, Republicans are accused of undermining democracy by ensuring the security of the ballot box for all Americans – so that the principle of one person, one vote actually has the standing that our nation’s highest court has given it for decades.

In reality it is Democrats whose actions and efforts to dilute the power of one person, one vote that threatens the viability and efficacy of democracy and democratic elections in the United States.

It’s not just elections that are being undermined by Democrats that pose a greater threat to American democracy and election integrity than someone who wears a MAGA hat.  It’s those who have literally infiltrated our nation’s political system at such a level that it is their platform being carried forward by the occupant of the White House.

When avowed socialists like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are becoming mainstreamed into the Democratic Party, and the policies they espouse being the centerpiece of Democratic economic policy, how is that Joe Biden can accuse Republicans of undermining Democracy?

There are roughly 62 ½ days left until the mid-term elections and Americans will unfortunately see every single one of those days filled with the same preposterous political rhetoric from Joe Biden, Democrats and the media that has aligned itself with them.

America’s greatest threat isn’t an American who deeply loves his or her country and challenges the notion that just because government or the press says something is true it should be considered the truth.

America’s greatest threat is a government and those who run it who believe that any American who questions what it is they believe is the enemy of America.