6 May 2022

Note from Norm: “It is a crisis of confidence.” – President Jimmy Carter, July 15, 1979

In 1979 President Jimmy Carter, Democrat, appeared before the American people and assured them that all that ailed them was easy to figure out.

It was them.

Not him.

Of course, with an 11.35% rate of inflation, surging mortgage rates, plummeting consumer confidence and energy prices spiraling out of control, Carter had to blame somebody.

After all, he couldn’t afford to blame himself or the Democrats who controlled both houses of Congress.

In what is often derided as the “malaise” speech (a term that Carter never actually uttered) the President tried to impress upon Americans that if they would only have stiff upper lip everything was going to be just fine.

Almost 43 years later another Democratic President, this one named Joe Biden, is desperate for us to believe that the problems facing America are not of his doing but are the manifestation of attacks from his political opponents.  And, like nearly 43 years ago, Democrats control both houses of Congress and want us to believe that the solution to the problems they created is to simply let them continue doing what they’ve been doing.

What they want to do is spend more of your money, enact policies that take us further away from energy independence and promote an agenda that is increasingly an anathema to families throughout the country.

Now, with the leaking of a Supreme Court document that suggests Roe v. Wade is about to be overturned, Democrats believe they have seized on another issue to divert attention from their agenda that prevents parents from having input into their children’s education, the Administration’s failure in Afghanistan, inflation, and the effects of their “Defund the Police” mantra over the past few years.

With the potential for each state to decide on their own laws related to abortion Democrats will be committed to a strategy of stirring emotions on that issue to keep people from focusing on the negative impact their policies have had on their day-to-day lives.

The parallels between Carter and Biden and 1979 are becoming increasingly obvious every day.

So, too, are the efforts of Democrats and their allies in the press to change the subject away from the economy.

If they can’t convince Americans that Republicans are trying to steal their elections, they want Americans to be as obsessed as they are about a President who is no longer President.

That every legislative act by Republicans in State Legislatures across America is intended to strengthen confidence in our elections and expand the opportunity for people to be able to vote, is ignored by Democrats and the press.

Trying to convince Americans that Republicans are stealing elections has become the default strategy of Democrats across the country with a willing “mainstream” media in tow.

If that doesn’t work, they want to demonize Republicans for challenging the President’s Supreme Court nominee and having the audacity to ask her questions and demand answers to those questions.

The simple action of asking a question by Republicans of an African American nominee nominated for the nation’s highest court is touted as evidence of the party’s racism by Democrats and the one-party media.

In Florida, Republicans who have raised legitimate questions about the propriety of teaching young children about sexuality in the classroom are denounced by the one-party media in collusion with the political left.

The Florida Parental Rights in Education law, as explained on FindLaw.com says the bill states that “….lessons about sexual orientation are banned outright in kindergarten through third grade. It also prohibits lessons in other grades unless they are “age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate.”

Yet that law isn’t even remotely being presented to the American people accurately or honestly.  And, Republicans supporting it have been branded as intolerant, homophobic, and worse.

Democrats assault on parental rights in the classroom and turning any parent who demands their parental rights in the classroom as little more than a bigot is further evidence of the party’s desire to focus on anything other than the economy leading up the midterm elections.

Failing on the economy, Democrats are slowly learning they are failing on the issues that excite their political base.

Americans want classrooms to be a place where their children learn how to read, write, do math, and understand their history.  They don’t want them to be a Petrie dish for every ideological cause and interest group that wants to indoctrinate children with their view of the world.

Americans want their elections to be clean, the results to be accurate and that those who are entitled to vote be allowed to vote and those who aren’t not be allowed to vote.

Democrats will become increasingly desperate – their allies equally so – and with the media acting as their accomplice – Republicans will continue to be smeared with half-truths, mistruths and outright lies.

Whether these tactics work remains to be seen but I suspect that Democrats have quickly worn out their welcome with the American public.

And can you blame Americans?

Inflation is now 8.5% – a forty year high!  The price of gasoline, food at the grocery store or the restaurant the highest it’s been in decades.  Americans are paying for more for everything from the clothes we wear, the diapers parents put on their babies, and the material that manufacturers, builders and contractors need to keep our economy growing.

And with the mid-term elections looming larger every day the crisis of confidence in America isn’t with Americans.

It’s with the Democrats they may soon be voting out of office in historic numbers.