4 January 2017

What’s Obama Been Doing in the Dark?

Since Election Day, Obama has been busy, pushing through over $21 billion “midnight” regulations and counting. He’s doing as much overreach as he can before leaving office.

Thankfully, a conservative majority in Congress is set to roll them back, starting with a vote on the Midnight Rules Relief Act this week. This bill will help Congress repeal harmful regulations in bulk – undoing the damaging regulatory binge the Obama Administration has been on since Election Day.

Check out five of the most COSTLY midnight regulations under Obama:

  1. Requirements for Commercial Vehicle Operators
    Cost: $3.6 billion    │   Paperwork Hours: 59,030
  1. Natural Gas Flaring on Public Lands
    Cost: $2.37 billion   │   Paperwork Hours: 82,170
  1. Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse
    Cost: $1.35 billion    │   Paperwork Hours: 1.8 million
  1. Stream Protection Rule
    Cost: $1.2 billion   │   Paperwork Hours: 218,457
  1. Liquidity Risk Management Programs
    Cost: $855 million   │  Paperwork Hours: 292,453

Source: American Action Forum. Read the full research here.