11 February 2021

Luria doubles down on science denial

Shortly after AAN put up billboards calling out Congresswoman Elaine Luria for blocking efforts to reopen schools, Luria doubled down on her science denial.


Luria tweeted that getting kids back in the classroom will require “an aggressive, nationwide vaccine campaign” – even though the CDC says vaccination is not a prerequisite for schools reopening and that schools can reopen safely, as is, right now.


Why is Luria continuing to deny science? We can think of only $20,387 rea$ons why.


“Elaine Luria is doubling down on science denial to appease the unions that fund her campaign, instead working to get our kids back in their classrooms,” said AAN Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Students have fallen behind enough already. It’s time for Elaine Luria to stop the games and support reopening our schools now.”