14 May 2019

Fact Checker: Sen. Harris should admit M4A would virtually end private health insurance

This weekend, Sen. Kamala Harris again tried to muddy the waters around her stance on “Medicare for All” and hide the truth that the bill she cosponsored would essentially ban employer and union-sponsored health insurance.

Today, the Washington Post’s fact checkers took Harris to task for her “slippery” comments, admonishing her to “more forthrightly admit that the health plan she supports envisions virtually no role for the private insurance now used by nearly 220 million Americans.”

The attempts by Harris and other liberals in Congress to disguise the reality that 220 million Americans will lose their current insurance under their plans are made only more ridiculous by how enthusiastically Sen. Bernie Sanders, the author of the bill Harris has signed onto, acknowledges this very fact.

You’re damn right” these Medicare for None proposals would end private health insurance, and the supporters of these bills should be honest with the American people about it.

Read the full fact check from the Washington Post HERE.