22 May 2023

Does the White House even want a deal?

Despite the left’s refusal to negotiate, Politico reports that President Biden has “prioritized deal-making” in the debt limit talks.

*Checks notes*

Back in January, the White House pushed the House to “show us your plan” and provide a debt limit proposal before they would even consider negotiating.

When the House majority passed a bill to raise the debt limit and implement responsible spending reforms, the White House “reiterate[d] refusal to negotiate.”

Biden refused to meet with Speaker McCarthy to discuss the debt ceiling for over 100 days.

Finally on Friday, Biden said invoking the 14th Amendment “ain’t gonna happen,” then immediately reversed course (just two days later) after pressure from progressives.

Meanwhile, polling shows that voters want Biden to negotiate, and most Americans back the spending reforms passed by the House majority.

Does the White House actually want a deal?

“The White House’s failure to ‘prioritize deal-making’ is leading this country straight to its very first default, and there will be no one else to blame if that happens,” said AAN Communications Director Courtney Parella.