Promises Made, Promises Kept: Thank Speaker McCarthy and House Conservatives for Keeping Their Commitment to America

Speaker McCarthy and House conservatives are keeping their Commitment to America.

They promised to fight to make our economy stronger, our nation safer, our future more free, and our government more accountable – they have delivered significant conservative victories on every front. 

  • Restored integrity to the Intelligence Committee by removing congressmen, Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell
  • Passed the toughest border security package in a generation
  • Reversed soft on crime policies in DC
  • Ended the Covid national emergency
  • Created the China Select Committee to counter CCP aggression 
  • Passed the Parents Bill of Rights – giving parents more power over what and how their kids learn in school
  • Kept biological boys from competing in girls’ sports
  • Voting to repeal Biden’s new army of 87,000 IRS agents.

Thank Speaker McCarthy and House Conservatives for keeping their promises and delivering on conservative priorities!


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