20 November 2019

What They Are Saying About AAN’s Anti-Impeachment Ads Now Up In 37 Districts

On Monday, the American Action Network announced a $7 million television and digital advocacy campaign opposing the impeachment of President Trump. The campaign includes $5 million in new television advertising across 20 Congressional Districts urging Members of Congress to drop the partisan charade and vote “no” on impeachment.

Check out the details here, watch one of our new ads, and see what the press is saying about the campaign below:

“The most expansive, coordinated ad campaign on impeachment to date”

POLITICO: “THE AD CAMPAIGN — the most expansive, coordinated ad campaign on impeachment to date — criticizes Democrats for promising to be ‘different,’ but instead impeaching the president instead of working on other legislative items, such as securing the border and fixing health care… Republicans are focused on the handful of Dem-held districts that President DONALD TRUMP won in 2016. They believe those districts are ripe for the picking, and impeachment is a political loser there. This campaign is an attempt to position Democrats as maniacally focused on removing the president — and nothing else.”

Washington Post:The ads target Democrats in 30 districts, urging their constituents to call their representatives and tell them to ‘let voters decide elections’ and ‘get to work’ on other issues. The ads also feature a clip of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) saying in a television interview that the impeachment process is ‘preventing a potentially disastrous outcome from occurring next year.’”

The ads portray the left “as irrationally focused on removing the President and neglecting their other duties to the public.”

Newsmax: “This overall campaign, the most expansive and coordinated one so far on impeachment, is operating in 37 districts and is an attempt to portray Democrats as irrationally focused on removing the president and neglecting their other duties to the public.”

POLITICO: “Meanwhile, House Democrats are just beginning to get a glimpse of the GOP’s onslaught of attack ads on impeachment. Conservative group American Action Network launched its biggest ad buy to date — $7 million in television and digital ads, mostly hitting the most vulnerable 30 House Democrats and urging them to vote against impeachment. The sense of frustration among moderates is only likely to grow if the House’s impeachment probe slips into January or February — further complicating Democratic attempts to clear high-profile legislation they promised during the 2018 midterms.”

Depicts liberal members as “extremists who hate the President”

Wall Street Journal: Republicans have long salivated at the prospect of Democrats attempting to impeach Mr. Trump, confident that the politics of the issue would be dramatically unfavorable for Democrats like Ms. Luria in districts that supported the president in 2016. The Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC aligned with House Republicans, launched an advertisement attacking Ms. Luria for supporting impeachment soon after Democrats began the inquiry. Whether Republican efforts to paint vulnerable House Democrats as extremists who hate the president work may not be clear until November 2020.”

New York Times: “Still, it is unlikely that Democrats who represent Trump-friendly swing districts — the so-called front-line members who face tough re-election races this year — will adopt strong words like “bribery” and “extortion.” They are already being targeted by Republicans over impeachment. One conservative group, the American Action Network, is running a $2 million digital ad campaign urging 37 House members — 30 Democrats and seven Republicans — to vote no on impeachment.”

“Conservative groups see only an upside to the impeachment fight”

Fox News: “The American Action Network, a conservative group aligned with the house GOP, is launching an advertising blitz in 37 congressional districts criticizing Democrats for focusing on impeachment and arguing that elections should be decided by voters. The spot starting a familiar GOP foe, targets a first-term South Carolina Congressman. Watch. ‘This is about preventing a potentially disastrous outcome for happening next year… All of this, as one analyst said Conservative groups the only an upside to the impeachment fight.”

Washington Examiner: “Wealthy Republicans are funneling millions of dollars through a constellation of party-aligned groups to defend President Trump against impeachment by politically wounding his Democratic antagonists. “There’s a lot of interest in trying to fight back against impeachment,” Dan Conston said, characterizing the response from Republican megadonors. Conston, a veteran GOP operative, oversees American Action Network, the issue advocacy organization affiliated with House Republicans and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California.”

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