Jobs & Economy5 March 2012

NEWS RELEASE: What Do We Know About Dan Liljenquist?


AAN Launches Ten Day Television and Internet Advertising Campaign

WASHINGTON- The American Action Network today announced television and internet advertising drawing attention to former Utah state senator Dan Liljenquist's missed votes as a state senator and his record opposing government transparency. These ads will run on broadcast television in Salt Lake City from March 5- 15. American Action Network President Brian Walsh issued the following statement regarding the advertising:

“From his leadership on the Balanced Budget Amendment to his 100 percent American Conservative Union voting record last year, Orrin Hatch has a solid conservative record that Utah can rely upon,” said Walsh.

“What do we really know about State senator Dan Liljenquist? It's tough to say considering his brief time in public office, propensity to skip votes when he was there and his opposition to government transparency. In fact, he missed so many votes, he was branded one of the state senate's 'worst offenders.' Liljenquist is inexperienced politician with lots of ambition and a short record to judge, sound familiar? The American Action Network applauds Hatch's strong conservative record rather than Liljenquist's naked ambition.”

Click below to watch the ad.


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Courtney Alexander

Communications Director