19 July 2021

New AAN Battleground Policy Survey: Inflation & Economic Concerns Are Significant and Potent

American Action Network released a new battleground policy survey, which surveyed a cross-section of 50 battleground congressional districts to better understand how Americans are perceiving a number of public policy issues facing Congress and the Administration.

AAN’s survey found that concerns about inflation and the rising cost of living are near universal. To this end, voters are beginning to blame liberal policies for inflation. A majority of respondents believe recent government spending is the primary cause of inflation. Voters also agree with conservative arguments on crime and on the border, overwhelmingly supporting pro-police sentiments over defund arguments.

As conservatives look to block runaway future spending, it is important to connect current massive government spending with the rise in inflation.

Key findings are below and for full presentation, see here.

Voters are increasingly alarmed about inflation and the rising cost of living.

  • Rising cost of living (88% worried), inflation (86% worried) and rising gas prices (79%) are the top three economic concerns with voters.

Voters primarily blame liberal policies for making life less affordable. 

  • Voters agree by 18 point margin (53%-35%) that recent increases in government spending are the *primary cause* of inflation, driving up the cost of living.
  • This is even more pronounced among middle-class voters. By a 28 point margin (59%-31%) middle-class voters say increases in government spending are the primary cause of inflation.
  • Voters also blame Democrats’ unemployment measures for stalling the economy. 59% of voters including majorities for college educated women, college educated men and independents agree the increased unemployment benefits are hurting the economic recovery and creating a labor shortage.

 Voters side with conservatives over liberals on crime.

  • Voters agree 63%-26% that even though crime rates are rising, liberals want to cut funding for police departments and that we should stand with law enforcement, not defund them.
  • This is strong agreement for this among independents (61%), college educated women (55%), college educated men (62%) and middle-class voters (67%)

Courtney Parella

Communications Director