EnergyHealth Care16 February 2023

CBO: Biden raided Medicare for IRS agents, green energy pet projects

The CBO is out with a new report that makes it crystal clear: Biden and the Congressional left cut $300 billion from Medicare in 2022 and blew it all on wasteful pet projects.

According to page 72 of the new CBO report “the largest effect” of the left’s spending bill was a $307 billion cut to Medicare and “that decrease was almost entirely offset by increases in projected outlays for other programs over the 2023– 2032 period, including

  • $80 billion for the IRS
  • $76 billion “to reduce greenhouse gasses”
  • $36 billion for green energy tax credits
  • $35 billion in tax credits for the wealthy to buy luxurious electric vehicles
  • $35 billion for health care tax credits
  • $15 billion for Medicaid

In other words? The CBO confirmed the left raided Medicare in 2022 and now in 2023, they’re coming back to do it all over again, cutting Medicare benefits for seniors up to 63%.

Courtney Parella

Communications Director