26 October 2012

American Action Network Launches New Halloween-Themed Ad in IL-13

Second Ad of $1.2 Million for Television and Digital Advertising Campaign Against David Gill

WASHINGTON – The American Action Network released today the second ad of a $1.2 million television and digital ad campaign in Illinois' 13th congressional district. The candidate advocacy ad, “Mad Science,” highlights David Gill's frightening experiments in wasteful spending and higher taxes. “Mad Science” will air on broadcast television in the St. Louis and Champaign media markets and will be accompanied by a significant paid digital advocacy campaign. This is part of a recently-announced October ad campaign and is in addition to AAN's $320,000 September campaign in IL-13.

“David Gill has supported too many frightening experiments in wasteful spending and higher taxes,” said AAN Spokeswoman Brook Hougesen. “From the failed stimulus to radical environmental policies, Illinoisans know they simply can't afford David Gill.”

Watch “Mad Science” here or by clicking the image. Read the script below.




Welcome to Dr. Gill's laboratory

Home to many frightening experiments.

Like Gill's support for the Obama Pelosi agenda:

The 800 billion dollar failed stimulus sending billions to foreign firms and jobs to China.

Raising taxes on middle class families.

Radical environmental policies that would drive up utility rates,

Devastate our coal industry

Risking 43,000 jobs

David Gill, an experiment to risky to make.

Vote No on David Gill.

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Courtney Parella

Communications Director