12 September 2017

AAN’s Middle-Class Growth Initiative Launches $2.5 Million TV Campaign

-Ad features working family and small business owner highlighting America’s complex tax code

-Targeting 23 congressional districts nationwide

WASHINGTON – American Action Network’s Middle-Class Growth Initiative (MCGI) announced a new $2.5 million issue advocacy campaign to further the case for pro-growth tax reform. The TV ad, “Too Complicated,” features the personal testimony of a working family and small business owner from Wisconsin highlighting how the current U.S. tax code burdens American small businesses. The ad will run in 23 congressional districts nationwide, click here to view list of districts. 

“Hard-working families and small businesses know far too well the burden the current tax code places on them,” said Corry Bliss, AAN Executive Director. “Working families have had to stretch their paychecks to make ends meet for long enough, it’s time for Congress to do their part and make our tax code simpler, fairer and with lower rates. Now is the time for lawmakers to work together and deliver much needed relief.”

The new ad features Jim and Lindsay Pratt from Jefferson, Wisconsin. Both Jim and Lindsay work hard to provide for their family. After 13 years of working for others, Jim took a leap of faith and started a small business to provide residential heating and cooling services to his community and surrounding areas. As a small business owner, Jim doesn’t have time to keep up with the loopholes or wade through hundreds of pages to comply with the tax code, which forces him to spend money on tax professionals to navigate the tax code. America’s unfair and complex tax system keeps job creators like Jim from investing, expanding and most importantly, creating jobs.   

The latest TV ad is part of the Middle-Class Growth Initiative’s multi-pronged, nationwide issue advocacy campaign on tax reform totaling $7.5 million. This effort comes in addition to radio and digital ads, direct mail, and mobile billboards targeting over 30 congressional districts across the country throughout the month of August.

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JIM: Working families know that life is complicated enough.

LINDSAY: My husband and I both work, and Jim even started his own business.

JIM: America’s tax code is too complicated.

So, a little tax relief from Congress – with a simpler, fairer tax code – gives working families like ours peace of mind.

Closing tax loopholes ensures everyone pays their fair share.

LINDSAY: And real tax cuts will mean more control – when we’re paying bills and saving for college and retirement.

JIM: Thank [Member of Congress] for fighting to cut taxes for working families.

Courtney Parella

Communications Director