23 March 2021

AAN Ups Pressure Over IA-02

American Action Network is upping pressure on lawmakers today as Speaker Pelosi attempts to steal an election from Iowa voters. AAN announced this morning it will spend mid-five figures on phone calls into 19 districts urging constituents to tell their Representative to stop Pelosi’s plan.

From POLITICO Playbook

FIRST IN PLAYBOOK: REPUBLICANS GO ON OFFENSE IN IOWA-2 — With some centrist House Democrats now balking at their leadership’s bid to try to overturn a state-certified House election in Iowa, Republicans are preparing to pounce. The conservative American Action Network is activating its organizers in 19 districts, spending five figures to fund calls to constituents urging them to speak out against the effort.

Targets include a mix of members on the House Administration Committee who will adjudicate the contested election in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District, as well as Democrats in tough seats. The group polled the issue in Democratic Rep. CINDY AXNE’S Iowa district in December and found that three-quarters of voters opposed overturning the results — and two-thirds said they’d be less likely to back Axne for reelection if she votes to oust Rep. MARIANNETTE MILLER-MEEKS (R-Iowa). The poll should be taken with a grain of salt since it was conducted by GOP pollsters, but if it’s in the ballpark of voter sentiment, it would be problematic for vulnerable Democrats.

“Rita Hart lost the count, lost the recount, then instead of taking her case to court, asked Nancy Pelosi to throw away the results and send her to Congress anyway,” said Dan Conston, President of American Action Network. “Congress should speak out and demand Speaker Pelosi drop this hypocritical and shameless partisan power grab. 



Courtney Parella

Communications Director