11 August 2021

AAN Unveils $5 Million+ Issue Advocacy Campaign Opposing Pelosi’s Reconciliation Bill

American Action Network announced it will spend north of $5 million on a new issue advocacy and advertising campaign to stop the $3.5 trillion “reconciliation” proposal Nancy Pelosi announced earlier this week, with huge tax hikes, wasteful spending, and a socialist takeover of the prescription drug market. AAN’s new campaign will run across 39 Congressional Districts in total with television and digital advertising in 21 districts and other advocacy in 18 more districts.

The new ads spotlight that, as families face rising costs on everything from gas to groceries, liberals are pushing to take even more from workers through trillions in new spending, sky-high tax increases and a socialist prescription drug plan that would limit patients’ access to lifesaving medications.

An example of the new ads from the campaign appears below, for a full list of included districts, click here.

“Inflation is already stretching families’ paychecks thinner than ever, and now Nancy Pelosi and her allies are running to take even more from their wallets with enormous tax increases and trillions for their far-left political priorities,” said AAN President Dan Conston. “Liberal policies have brought disastrous consequences for workers from rising prices to a crippling labor shortage, the last thing we need are tax hikes that further hurt the economy and a takeover of the prescription drug market.”

American Action Network’s recent battleground polling from a cross-section of 50 battleground Congressional districts showed:

  • Americans’ top concerns were related to inflation: Rising cost of living (88% worried), inflation (86% worried) and rising gas prices (79%).
  • Widespread agreement with conservative arguments on the economy and that liberal policies are the cause of our economic problems. For example:
  • 53% agreed that “massive increase in government spending is the primary cause of inflation.
  • 51% agreed that “new government spending programs that increased unemployment benefits are hurting the economic recovery.”

Full polling presentation is available here.


Courtney Parella

Communications Director