Health Care4 May 2017

AAN Statement on Passage of the American Health Care Act

Biggest spender promoting the AHCA, spent over $10 million and prepared to immediately continue advertising efforts

WASHINGTON – American Action Network (@AAN) Executive Director Corry Bliss issued the following statement on the passage of the American Health Care Act (AHCA):

“Conservatives kept their promise and took a major step toward achieving access to quality, affordable health care for all Americans. With rising costs and fewer choices, it’s clear Obamacare is broken. The American people demand and deserve a better, more affordable healthcare system and today, conservatives delivered on those principles. We applaud President Trump and Speaker Ryan for their unwavering leadership throughout this process to repeal and replace Obamacare.

“The American Health Care Act is a plan that will help lower premiums and provide more choices, while protecting people with pre-existing conditions. AAN is prepared to immediately continue doing its part to take that message to the American people. With President Trump ready to sign the bill into law, we look forward to this legislation making its way to his desk. The American people have waited long enough.”

American Action Network was the biggest spender in promoting the AHCA and patient-centered reforms, spending over $10 million with 13 unique advertising campaigns in over 110 congressional districts nationwide. Advertising efforts included TV, digital, mail, radio, robocalls, mobile billboards, and print. Since the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, AAN has been a vocal supporter of efforts to repeal and replace the law.

Courtney Parella

Communications Director