24 October 2014

AAN Releases “The Game” Ad Campaign Against Tim Bishop

WASHINGTON – The American Action Network (@AAN) today released the ad “The Game” in New York’s 1st congressional district race, exposing the shady, self-serving deals of corrupt politician Tim Bishop, who remains under investigation. 

During his 12 years in Congress, Tim Bishop’s family has profited from his position, including over $500,000 paid to his daughter for campaign fundraising. And contrary to what Tim Bishop would like Long Islanders to believe, he remains under a congressional ethics investigation. An initial investigation has already found “substantial reason to believe” that Bishop violated ethics rules and federal election law. 

This ad will run as part of AAN's existing $1.5 million independent expenditure cable TV, online and mail campaign. AAN's first ad “Damn Good Idea” has aired on cable TV since September 30. 

“Tim Bishop has played Long Islanders for fools with his pay-to-play scandal and family cash ring,” said Emily Davis, spokeswoman for American Action Network. “Long Island families deserve better than a corrupt politician like Tim Bishop who even tried to mislead them about the fact that he’s still under investigation.” 


:30 Script:

ANNCR: Politicians get a bad name because of back room dealers like Tim Bishop.

He paid his daughter half a million bucks for helping him collect checks.

Bishop shook down a constituent for campaign cash.

When a Long Islander needed a favor,

Tim Bishop delivered but solicited 10 grand in return

The Post called it a bribe. He’s under investigation.

But that’s how Bishop plays the game

And why we would be better off without him in Congress.

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Courtney Parella

Communications Director