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AAN Releases “Spirit of Health Care Future” Ads Against Peterson, Shea-Porter

Thu, 2013-12-19 11:06 WASHINGTON

The American Action Network (@AAN) has launched an online video ad campaign targeting Congressman Collin Peterson (MN-07) and Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) with their own Spirit of Health Care Future this Christmas. Click here to watch the Peterson ad and click here to watch the Shea-Porter ad.

With a theme from A Christmas Carol, the independent expenditure ads tell a time-traveled story of what these Obamacare champions are forcing on patients, doctors and families in their communities.

This is AAN’s first campaign against Collin Peterson (MN-07) and is the latest in a series of ads against Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01). The video ads will run through the weekend targeting voters in both congressional districts.

“Obamacare isn’t just a bah-humbug for Christmas now, it’s a nightmare for years to come,” said Brian Walsh, American Action Network President. “Americans deserve a better Christmas present than this disastrous law. The only way to stop the growing health care disaster is by voting out these Obamacare champions in November.”

Watch the ad “Spirit of Health Care Future” against Collin Peterson here or by clicking the image. Read the script below.


Click here to watch the “Spirit of Health Care Future” ad against Carol Shea-Porter.




A Holiday Tale of Health Care. The Broken Promises of Obamacare. Chapter 5. The Spirit of Health Care Future.

(Scene: Mantle Portrait of Collin Peterson/ Carol Shea-Porter; Intro of Spirit of Health Care Future)

VO: Oh great spirit, you are the one to be feared most of all. Show me what you must.

(Scene: town and hospital)

VO: Look at the lines! These people might die before they get care!

(Scene: Dr. Moore sweeping the street)

VO: Isn’t that Dr. Moore? He must have gone broke because he couldn’t make enough money healing people!

(Scene: The Cratchit Home)

VO: The Cratchits can’t afford to eat, because of how high their health care costs are!

(Scene: Cratchit Home 2)

VO: Tiny Tim couldn’t get that operation because of the waiting list! No! No!

(Scene: The Cemetery)

Tombstone Reads:

Thanks Obama and Collin Peterson / Thanks Obama and Carol Shea-Porter

VO: Oh No, I don’t want to look spirit, please say this can be changed!

VO OF THE SPIRIT OF HEALTH CARE FUTURE: It can… Repeal Collin Peterson.


VO Normal: American Action Network is responsible for the content of this advertising. 

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Courtney Parella

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