Immigration21 August 2013

AAN Releases Pro-House Immigration Reform Ad in CA-23: “Fighting”

Wed, 2013-08-21   Countering special interest groups attacking House efforts, AAN lauds & urges to continue work to secure the border

WASHINGTON – The American Action Network launched a $65,000 broadcast, cable, and digital ad campaign in CA-23 today lauding Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s leadership on key issues like working to secure the border. It counters recent local initiatives by special interest groups attacking House immigration reform efforts. Watch the ad below:


The issue advocacy ad will run for two weeks on broadcast TV and on Fox News in the Bakersfield media market and will be accompanied by a digital ad buy.

“Congressman McCarthy has stood strong for his constituents from fighting wasteful spending and Obamacare to working to secure the border,” said AAN Communications Director Dan Conston. “The House has the right approach moving forward with conservative immigration reform in a methodical way to fix our broken border and help our economy grow. CA-23 residents should ignore the misleading special interests and call Congressman McCarthy and urge him to continue fighting to secure the border.”  

This is the latest in AAN’s pro-reform efforts. AAN has spent well in excess of $1 million on advertising, polling, policy studies, grasstops, and grassroots supporting immigration reform since March.


Why are special interests attacking Kevin McCarthy? Because Kevin fights for us, not  them.

As Congress takes on the tough issues this fall, Kevin’s fighting to create jobs, and cut wasteful spending.

He’s leading the fight to repeal Obamacare.

On immigration, Kevin’s got the conservative approach we need, that starts with securing the border first.

Call Kevin McCarthy. Call him to keep fighting to secure the border, and keep fighting for us.

Courtney Parella

Communications Director