Health Care8 April 2016

AAN Releases $2.6 Million Campaign Against Medicare Drug Price “Negotiation”

Mail, Print, and Digital Ads in 53 Districts Urge Congress to Oppose Bureaucrats Controlling Access

WASHINGTON – The American Action Network (@AAN) today announced a $2.6 million issue advocacy campaign against liberal plans to empower bureaucrats to “negotiate” Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. Launching this week, the ad campaign includes $900,000 in direct mail, $850,000 in print ads, and $850,000 in digital ads to seniors in 53 congressional districts nationwide.  See the full list of 53 districts and activity here.

“The government ‘negotiating’ drug prices may sound like a good talking point, but it’s terrible policy for seniors,” said AAN President Mike Shields. “Seniors need to know that the part D prescription drug coverage they love is under threat because some politicians are pushing to give bureaucrats more control over Medicare prescription drug coverage.”

“This will cause seniors to have less access to the medicines they need,” Shields continued. “Seniors currently have more choices with affordable premiums because the marketplace is negotiating the drug prices, not the government. We urge seniors to call on their Member of Congress to stand against this power grab for bureaucrats at the expense of seniors’ choice in medicine.”

Current prescription drug price negotiations take place in a competitive Medicare Part D marketplace, which has held down average premiums to nearly half of the government’s original estimates. Additionally, the Congressional Budget Office has repeatedly shown that government ‘negotiations’ on prescription drug prices will reduce seniors’ access to medicine. Yet liberals in Congress and President Obama continue to fight to put bureaucrats in charge of Medicare Part D negotiations.

Seniors can take action by calling Congress and sending a message via

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This ad campaign builds on a $500,000 ad campaign AAN released in March against cuts to Medicare Advantage. Additionally, AAN spent $3 Million in December calling on Congress to stand for conservative solutions and protect America’s seniors under the new leadership of Speaker Paul Ryan.

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Courtney Parella

Communications Director