Immigration31 July 2013

AAN Launching August Initiative: Conservative Immigration Support Network

AAN Launching August Initiative: Conservative Immigration Support Network

Includes grasstops, grassroots, and policy studies delivering a positive and supportive immigration reform message

WASHINGTON – The American Action Network is launching the Conservative Immigration Support Network, an August initiative delivering positive and supportive messages to House Republicans to continue tackling immigration reform. The initiative includes a new $250,000 grasstops program engaging key local leaders, mobilizing our existing grassroots network, and releasing district-by-district studies on the economic impact of immigration reform. 

Our grasstops and grassroots supporters will be active in over 20 districts in 10-plus states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota, California and Texas. The Conservative Immigration Support Network’s message will be simple: Our immigration system is broken and it’s an important issue that needs to be addressed, but in a different way than the Senate did. We support the House’s effort to deal with immigration reform in a methodical step-by-step conservative way. We need to give Congress the space to offer conservative and responsible solutions. 

The Conservative Immigration Support Network launch comes on the heels of AAN releasing a House-focused immigration polling and strategy memo last week, a House-focused national advertising campaign in early July, and multiple ad buys during the Senate debate. 

“The immigration system is broken and Americans want Congress to find a real solution through a step-by-step methodical approach,” said AAN President Brian O. Walsh. “The Conservative Immigration Support Network will deliver important an important message to Congress this August to continue their work on conservative immigration reform.”

Courtney Parella

Communications Director