21 October 2014

AAN Launches “Tantrums” Ad Campaign Against Ann Kirkpatrick

Tue, 2014-10-21 13:01 WASHINGTON 

 The American Action Network (@AAN) today released the ad “Tantrums” in Arizona's 1st congressional district, showing how Ann Kirkpatrick's hyper-partisan, contentious voting record hurts Arizonans. 

When gridlock in Washington shut down the government last year, Ann Kirkpatrick became part of the problem instead of working to find areas of common ground. Ann Kirkpatrick demonstrated that if she can’t get her way, she’ll take it out on Arizonans by voting against vital funding for Arizona’s economy, security and veterans. Ann Kirkpatrick’s long history of tantrums also includes walking out on Arizonans at a constituent event in 2009. 

This ad will air on Phoenix broadcast and cable TV as part of AAN's $1 Million independent expenditure in the AZ-01 race. “Tantrums” will also feature a 15-second version for online advertising.

“When she doesn’t get her way, Ann Kirkpatrick would rather throw a fit at the expense of Arizonans than support bipartisan solutions,” said Emily Davis, spokeswoman for American Action Network. “Instead of Ann Kirkpatrick’s childish tantrums, Arizona families and veterans need a mature leader in Congress who will put their economic and physical security first regardless of politics.” 





:30 Script: 

ANNCR: When Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick doesn't get her way, she throws tantrums.

During the government shutdown, we needed Kirkpatrick to fight for Arizona. 

Instead she threw a tantrum and voted against funding for border security

And voted against opening the Grand Canyon. 

Unwilling to work with her colleagues, Kirkpatrick even voted against funding veterans services. 

Ann Kirkpatrick. Tantrums in Congress that hurt Arizona. 

American Action Network is responsible for the content of this advertising.

Courtney Parella

Communications Director