28 October 2016

AAN Launches Ad “Only Takes One” Against Christina Hartman

Ad Kicks Off AAN + CLF $800,000 Independent Expenditure Campaign

WASHINGTON – The American Action Network (@AAN) released the ad, “Only Takes One,” against liberal Christina Hartman in Pennsylvania’s 16th Congressional District race. The ad spotlights Hartman’s dangerous stance on issues of national security.

“Christina Hartman ignores the warnings of intelligence officials who say ISIS is attempting to infiltrate the U.S. via refugees from war zones,” said Ruth Guerra, AAN spokeswoman. “Americans’ safety and security should be first and foremost. Pennsylvanians can’t afford Christina Hartman’s dangerous views in Congress.”

The ad will air on Harrisburg-Lancaster broadcast and cable TV beginning Friday, October 28, as part of AAN’s $700,000 independent expenditure campaign in PA-16. A 15-second version will run on digital platforms. Additionally, AAN’s sister organization Congressional Leadership Fund is investing over $100,000 in direct mail and GOTV efforts in the race. AAN and CLF have announced total general election spending to date of over $40 million in 32 districts nationwide.

View the TV spot here


ANNCR: It only takes one.

One terrorist hiding amongst Syrian refugees can have tragic results.

Anywhere in America.

Even here.

Just like Hillary Clinton, Christina Hartman supports allowing Syrian refugees into our

Even though we can’t properly screen them for terrorist ties.

The FBI says ISIS is already here.

Christina Hartman would make us more vulnerable.

Sending her to Congress is just too dangerous.

American Action Network is responsible for the content of this advertising.

Courtney Parella

Communications Director