DefenseHealth Care8 December 2015

AAN Launches $3 Million Campaign For Conservative Solutions Under New Leadership

TV, digital, mail & print ads target 70 Members in first legislative advocacy effort
with Paul Ryan as Speaker

WASHINGTON – Today the American Action Network (@AAN), a 501c4 issue advocacy organization, launched a $3 Million issue campaign of TV, radio, mail, print and digital ads in 70 congressional districts nationwide. The campaign calls on Members of Congress to continue working with new House Speaker Paul Ryan to fight for conservative solutions and protect America’s seniors.

The campaign includes $350,000 in TV ads in 12 districts; $700,000 in print ads in 44 districts; $750,000 in digital ads in 70 districts; and $1.2 Million in mail in 70 districts.  See the full list of 70 districts and activity here.

Watch one of the TV ads, featuring Congressman Mick Mulvaney here:

View examples of the conservative solutions mail here, the print ads here, and the digital ads here and here.

“It’s a new day in the House of Representatives and that provides a new opportunity for Members to work together on conservative solutions. We are urging Members of Congress to work with Speaker Paul Ryan to rein in federal spending, protect seniors’ health care and keep America safe,” said AAN President Mike Shields. “Speaker Ryan has laid out a conservative vision for America. Now AAN is informing Americans that their conservative Member of Congress plays an important role in passing center-right solutions and they should encourage them to continue working with the new Speaker to achieve that vision.”

In addition to ads that focus on conservative solutions, some of the districts will receive ads focusing on Members’ leadership to protect Medicare and urging them to keep fighting for America’s seniors.

This $3 Million campaign is the first AAN issue advocacy campaign for House Members since Paul Ryan became Speaker. This year alone, AAN has spent over $9 million in issue advocacy campaigns supporting center-right policies, including approving Trade Promotion Authority, supporting a balanced federal budget, stopping the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, opposing the Obama Iran Deal, and funding the Department of Homeland Security.


Courtney Parella

Communications Director