26 August 2019

AAN Launches $2.5 Million Campaign Opposing Socialist Price Controls in Medicare Part D

WASHINGTON – The American Action Network today launched a $2.5 million mail, digital and radio advertising campaign across 35 congressional districts urging Congress to reject calls for socialist price controls in Medicare Part D. The new drive comes as a continuation of AAN’s efforts to stop government interference in Medicare Part D, which would lead to reduced access to life saving medications, prescription drug rationing and put bureaucrats in charge of seniors ability to receive new treatments.

“Liberals are pushing a socialist agenda across the spectrum in Washington and this is a major part of their plan,” said AAN President Dan Conston. “Members of Congress should reject these socialist Medicare Part D price controls outright. Socialist price controls for Medicare Part D mean rationing vital medications and limiting access to lifesaving new treatments for seniors.”

A sample mail piece is available here

A sample radio ad is available here.

A list of all 35 congressional districts is available here.

Current prescription drug price negotiations take place in a competitive Medicare Part D marketplace, which has kept costs almost 50% cheaper than the government’s original estimates, thanks to robust competition. The Congressional Budget Office has repeatedly shown that implementing the left’s price controls on prescription drug prices will significantly reduce seniors’ access to needed medications and lead to rationing.

Today’s initiative comes on top of AAN’s earlier $2.9 million investment in February, urging lawmakers to reject government interference in Medicare Part D.

Courtney Parella

Communications Director