8 November 2016

AAN Congratulates Erik Paulsen in Minnesota’s 3rd District Election

WASHINGTON –American Action Network (@AAN) Chairman and former U.S. Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN), released the following statement on the election results in Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District. AAN spent nearly $400,000 in independent expenditures in MN-03 on door-to-door and phone call GOTV efforts.

“Congratulations to Erik Paulsen on a well-earned victory. Erik is a results-oriented leader who is deeply connected with his district and understands the issues facing 3rd District families. Erik Paulsen will continue to be a champion for the hard-working people of Minnesota, opposing burdensome regulations and fighting for small businesses throughout the district. I am proud to support his re-election and look forward to his continued leadership in Congress.”

In 2016, American Action Network and its sister super PAC, Congressional Leadership Fund, spent a combined $48 million in independent expenditures in 32 U.S. House races.

The American Action Network is a 501(c)(4) ‘action tank’ that creates, encourages and promotes center-right policies based on the principles of freedom, limited government, American exceptionalism, and strong national security. The American Action Network’s primary goal is to put our center-right ideas into action by engaging the hearts and minds of the American people and spurring them into action to advance our center-right policy agenda.

Courtney Parella

Communications Director