3 March 2021

AAN Blasts House Members on Vote To Funnel $7.2 Million In Public Funds To Their Campaigns

American Action Network released the following statement blasting Members of the House of Representatives for voting to pass H.R. 1 – Nancy Pelosi’s corrupt campaign finance legislation that would allow Members of Congress to shovel $7.2 million in public funding into their campaign accounts.

“Members of Congress should be embarrassed for passing legislation this corrupt under the guise of good governance,” said Dan Conston, President of American Action Network. “Public funding should be used to help Americans recover from the devastation of COVID-19, not to fund bailouts for liberal politicians’ desperate re-election efforts.”

AAN had been running a mix of advertisements and telephone calls across 51 districts as part of an issue advocacy campaign, urging Members to vote no on the bill. An example of AAN’s advertisements appears below.

Courtney Parella

Communications Director