Health Care8 May 2017

AAN Begins $500,000 National TV Buy on Health Care Reform, Praises Speaker Ryan’s Leadership

TV advertising in WI-01 and national cable

WASHINGTON – As part of an ongoing campaign supporting the American Health Care Act, American Action Network (@AAN) today will begin a $500,000 TV buy featuring key elements of the AHCA and thanking Speaker Paul Ryan and House Republicans for keeping their promise and fighting for patient-centered health care. The ad will air on national cable, including MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and FOX News’ “Fox and Friends,” as well as in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District.

“Thanks to Speaker Ryan’s leadership, conservatives kept their promise and are now one step closer in delivering quality, affordable care and rescuing health care from total collapse,” said Corry Bliss, AAN Executive Director. “Speaker Ryan’s leadership was second to none in ensuring the ACA was repealed and replaced with a plan that will help lower premiums, provide more choices, and protect people with pre-existing conditions. We have a responsibility to share that message far and wide, and at AAN we will continue to do that.”

The ad is in addition to AAN’s $2 million TV campaign currently airing in 21 congressional districts nationwide.

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ANNCR: It’s a bold plan to cut the deficit and provide one trillion dollars of job-creating tax relief.
It puts patients and doctors back in charge of health care.
Eliminating Washington’s expensive mandates.

Empowering states to reduce health care costs, and

Protecting people with pre-existing conditions.
The Republican health plan provides families with more choices, better coverage, and lower premiums.
Thank Paul Ryan and House Republicans for keeping their word and fighting for the health care we deserve.


Courtney Parella

Communications Director