Health Care15 February 2023

$540/Year Medicare Cut

President Biden is at it again, coming back to cut Medicare benefits for America’s seniors.

Last year, they raided $300 billion from Medicare to pay for “Green New Deal” climate initiatives. Now they want to cut $4.7 billion from Medicare Advantage, too.

A new study out today found that it will mean a $540 per year reduction in senior’s Medicare benefits, costing seniors nearly 30%!

Will liberals in Congress find the courage to speak out and stop it?

“The Biden Administration says one thing but does another on benefits for seniors. They’ve raided Medicare to fund liberal pet projects and now they want slash Medicare benefits to pay for even more of their reckless spending,” said AAN Communications Director Calvin Moore. “President Biden and the Congressional left need to denounce their cuts to Medicare benefits and reverse course now.”

Courtney Parella

Communications Director